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What Do The Best Texas Wedding Venues All Have In Common?

Updated: Mar 13

bride at a Texas wedding venue named LaLa Park

1. The best Texas wedding venues... are family-owned.

Truth be told, we might be a little biased, but there's something special about a venue that's not owned by a larger entity or corporation. Maybe it's the mom n' pop magic at work; sorta like how food made with love just tastes better. Little known fact—the very first wedding at LaLa Park was the union of the co-owners.

2. The best Texas wedding venues... allow their clients the freedom to choose their own vendors.

Some wedding venues box couples into choosing specific food caterers and beverage providers to increase their profits. We believe in putting the client's preferences first. We're always happy to recommend local breweries, delicious caterers, food trucks and more, but would never insist that a client work with a specific vendor.

3. The best Texas wedding venues... provide a comprehensive manual on venue use.

Nobody knows how enjoy to the venue better than the owners. You should receive a manual or a guide that provides all the necessary pieces of info—from the wifi login credentials to the locations of all the outdoor electrical outlets.

4. The best Texas wedding venues... give back to the environment.

We believe the best Texas wedding venues, and businesses, make it a priority to give back to the environment. We're blessed to enjoy the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country and use it as the backdrop for unforgettable wedding ceremonies. It's only right that one should protect and preserve the local wildlife. At LaLa Park, we maintain 9 beehives year round to help increase pollination and native plants.

5. The best Texas wedding venues... make you feel at home.

Your wedding day is a special occasion and should be entrusted with a venue owner who makes you feel comfortable. Choosing a location is an important decision and we recommend going with your gut.

LaLa Park provides 10 acres of complete privacy for an entire weekend of interrupted bonding with your best friends and family. As a small, family-owned business we're able to cater to the specific needs of our clients and offer unparalleled person attention.

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